Q – How many tents/campers may we put on a site?
A – The nightly rate is for ONE STRUCTURE per site.
We allow more than one (at no charge) ONLY if it is a
small tent for your children (17 & under). Since we
charge for a 2nd structure at the same rate as another
site, you might as well plan on getting another site.  
Maximum number of people on a site is 5, the rate
includes 3 children & 2 adults.
Each adult over that
limit will be charged $5 per night.

Q – What is the best time to make reservations?
A – As soon as possible! Especially if you’d like a
specific site or group of sites; or would like to use the
livery on a Saturday in late June, July or August. We
accept reservations for next year starting May 1st of
the current year.

Q –
When is check-out time for camping?
A – Check-out time is at Noon. If you want to stay
past noon, please inquire at the desk whether the site
you are on is reserved, if it isn't you may stay as late
as sunset.

Q - Is there a Group Site?
A - No. Groups are welcome, but each structure needs
its own site.

Q -
Do you allow Pets?
A - Yes - non-agressive ones. Keep them on a leash,
clean up after them & don't leave them alone to bark at
the neighbors when you are gone.

Q -
Are there Trails?
A - Yes. There are ORV trails about 4 miles from RCC;
the Rails to Trails has miles of paved trail right in
Evart (3.5 miles away); and there are several
walking/nature trails right in the campground.
Q - Are Visitors allowed?
A - Yes. The charge is $2 per person or $5 per
car, whichever is less. All visitors must register
in the store & need to leave before dark.

Q –
Is there an alcohol limit?
A – No. However, alcohol is permitted in the
campground ONLY at your campsite. You may not
bring it ANYWHERE else. And simply because
alcohol is allowed does not give anyone free reign
to be rude & obnoxious. Lewd or lascivious
behavior, profanity or just plain nasty language
will be grounds to ask you to leave. Our goal is
for everyone to enjoy themselves, including those
who don't drink alcohol at all.
Also remember – It is unlawful to operate a
watercraft while intoxicated. The river is
patrolled by state & county water safety

Q -
Do you have sewer sites?
A - Yes. We have a couple that are available for
overnight campers - sites 15 & 21.
We also have a free dumpstation.
Mobile sewer service is available for campers
staying a week or more.

Q -
Do you allow Park Models?
A - Yes. See
Hawthorn Creek for the perfect
place for park models.

Q - How far are you from Michigan's Adventure?
A - Almost 2 hours - that park is near the city of
Muskegon, we are on the Muskegon River
near the city of Evart.

Q -
Do you have Showers?
A - Yes. We have a shower building with sinks,
toilets & showers. (Picture of showers to left)
River Country Campground
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Frequently Asked Questions - Camping/Area