Guides to Good Camping
River Country Campground
6281 River Rd   Evart, MI  49631        231.734.3808
* This is a family oriented park and we encourage the
use of courtesy & common sense so everyone may enjoy
the river in a clean, friendly, out-in-the-woods

* Pick up after yourself, litter is unattractive & takes time &
money to remove.

* Trash pick up is
not provided, please use the dumpster
near the store.

* The responsible use of alcohol is permitted ONLY at
your campsite.

*All swimming is done at your own risk, we have no

*In fact everything is at your own risk, so come have a
good time but be responsible for yourself & your kids, no
matter where you are or what you are doing.

* Loaded firearms & Fireworks are prohibited.

* Accessory vehicle use is limited only to established
roads - not other sites, woods or the fields.
* Fires must be burned within
designated fire rings.

* Visitors must register at the
office upon arrival & leave
before it gets dark. Charge is
$2 per person or $5 per car,
whichever is less.

*All sites may have only ONE
structure (though we do allow
one extra small tent for your
minor children). Included in
that are charges for 2 adults &
3 children.
Each extra adult per site will
be charged $5 per night.

* We have firewood for sale -
available anytime in the store.
Fallen deadwood from the
woods may be used, but
nothing that requires cutting.

Reservations are
recommended. They may be
made for the following year
beginning Apr 1st for groups
of 15 or more or on May 1st for
individuals & smaller groups.
(In other words you can make
them just over a year in
advance – example: on May
1st 20
20 John Doe can make
a reservation for his favorite
campsite for 4th of July 20
*Noisy campers (drinking or not) are
never welcome. Quiet hours are,
without exception, from 11pm-7am.
Violators will be given one verbal
warning before being asked to leave.
Please consider another
campground if you think your group
cannot be quiet.
We appreciate when you
leave your
radios at home
, so everyone can
enjoy the natural sounds of the
woods & the water.

*Please keep your language clean.

*Animals (one per site) need to be
kept on a leash at all times. Do not
leave them unattended in camp. Pick
up & bag droppings immediately &
please control barking.

* 2 cars per site are permitted.  
Speed limit is 5mph – Violators will
lose the privilege of driving in the
campground. NO vehicles to be
driven in camp after 11pm
(emergencies excepted, of course.)

* There is 1 picnic table per site, we
do not mind you moving your own
tables together for group suppers,
but please return them to the correct
sites before you leave.

*Dumpstation is free for campers.
Honeywagon charge is $25.