Livery Info
River Country Campground
6281 River Rd   Evart, MI  49631               231.734.3808 
Worry-free is how we describe all of our livery trips! We take everyone upstream
allowing a leisurely float back to the campground. No time worries! Does a 2-3 hour float
usually take your group 5? No problem, as long as you return in a reasonable time and
well before dark there’s no one timing you and waiting to charge you more. Instead you‘ll
find a relaxing campsite or your own vehicle.  
For most of our trips we are the only livery using the river so
you aren’t crowded. The river is wide, sandy-bottomed and mostly
obstacle free. Saturdays in late June, July & August are very
popular, so make your
reservations early. You can contact us
anytime throughout the year by phone or e-mail.  
Try the 9:00 am trip this year!   Get
out early and enjoy the mist rising
off the river, a great blue heron
hunting for breakfast or turtles
soaking up the morning rays. Other
trip times available are 10, 11, 12, 1,
2, 3 & 4
Trips require registration and
payment at least a half hour in
advance of the scheduled leave time.
Open alcohol, smoking
& profanity are not
allowed in our buses
or vans. Please keep in
mind that it is illegal
to navigate
watercraft while
*Bus Riders - sometimes people just want
to ride on our bus because their group has
taken equipment up the river - the rules &
rates for this are as follows: we will take
you only if we already have a regularly
scheduled trip of canoes/kayaks/tubes.  
The cost is $5 per person (without
coolers, without tubes...etc. - this is just
for people).

Group discounts are available for 15+
canoes or kayaks, or 30+ tubes

*There is a portage (where you have to
carry your canoes/kayaks) around some
fallen trees on the 4-6 hour, or longer,
canoe & kayak trips (not on the tube trip).
It's about 300 feet in length.
The livery is open from May 15th until the first Saturday
after Labor Day.

We are open every day of the week, except for Tuesdays.