River Country Campground
6281 River Rd   Evart, MI  49631               231.734.3808           info@campandcanoe.com
The tubes we use are heavy gauge sevylor vinyl. The orange, pink
and yellow are ‘regular’ tubes with holes in the center. (45"
diameter.) The bright green tubes have a bottom to them and are a
little larger than the regular tubes. (54" diameter) We operate
with 60 regular tubes and 40 with a bottom.

We have 50 aluminum
canoes that are either 15’ or 17’ in length.
Most of them are O’Sagian or Michicraft.  A dozen of those are
color-coated colored aluminum. They are as pretty as fiberglass,
but much more sturdy.

We have 22  
kayaks. They are lots of fun for all ages!  We have
12 sit-in models, 8 sit-on-top models, and 2 double kayaks. They
are much more stable in the water than you think. We’ve had
people of all ages use them – from 8 to 78!

River Information:
The Muskegon is a perfect river for beginners and families. It is
wide and mostly obstacle-free. The majority of the river on our
trips is shallow with a sandy bottom and we are the only livery
using the river, so it's scenic, private and not crowded. The river
flows at an easy 2-3 miles per hour and has no white water (the
only rapids are down river from us near Big Rapids).
The Muskegon – at 170 miles long – is the 2nd longest river in
Michigan. It is navigable almost from its headwaters, just north
of Houghton Lake, to its mouth in the city of Muskegon, where it
empties into Lake Michigan.  Fishing near Evart is good for
rainbow and brown trout; with bass, walleyes, muskies and pike in
other areas of the river.
River & Watercraft Info