SEASONAL/MONTHLY AGREEMENT 2016 (we are happy to mail or e-mail a clean Word document that is formatted better than this shows
up online. :-)

Wolfe Properties, Inc (DBA River Country Campground) agrees to rent campsite #s 1-4, 11-14, 52-59 for $1100 per season; campsite #s 5-
10, 51, for $1250 per season; and campsite #s 105-115 for $1350 per season.  All camping fees are due in advance of occupancy.  Right to
occupy the RV space is contingent upon timely payments and compliance with this agreement and all campground rules. For: May 1st – Oct
15th, 2015 (Can stay until Dec 1st with limited services)
Occupant accepts responsibility to maintain their camping unit, related accessories, and campsite in a neat and clean manner acceptable
to the Michigan Department of Health and the owners (Duane & Holly Wolfe, Debbie & David Rogers) of Wolfe Properties, Inc., including the
following conditions/criteria:

A.      Trailer Requirements

1.      RV must be a manufactured RV, with an RVIA seal.
2.      No park models without written permission from Duane.
3.      RV must have current license plates
4.      Notify owners if you are replacing your unit.  We reserve the right to subjectively deny admission   
    for a recreational unit that may not be suitable for our park.

B.      Site Requirements

1.   All sites will be inspected periodically.  Problems noted must be corrected as soon as possible, but no later than 10 days from the date
of the notice.  Please keep in mind that the appearance of your site directly affects the business that we have – nobody wants to camp in an
unkempt trailer park.  Without our overnight campers and canoers we will not have a campground for you to come & enjoy.

2.   The following permanent structures (because of tax regulations) are not allowed: decks, awnings, skirting, or fencing.  Temporary
structures may be erected with permission.  No poured concrete is allowed on the campsites for any purpose.  

3.   Accessory buildings (one per site) will be allowed under the following conditions: they are temporary and movable and small, they
consist of one of the approved models, they are maintained and kept in excellent condition, and are used in order to keep your site neater,
not as an excuse to collect more stuff.  Position them neatly, so that the appearance of your site is pleasing to everyone.

4.    Utility Trailers should be for a clear, temporary, purpose.  If you need storage, please consider an   
   approved accessory building.

5.   Trees must remain clear of clutter, nails, screws & lights.  

6.   Accessories and decorations are limited in order to keep sites neat, pleasant, and appealing.  We will allow 10 of the following
decorations/accessories plus one dock, one grill, and one picnic table:   toys, ornaments, birdhouses, thermometers, wind toys,
birdfeeders, ornaments, lamps, flags, and other miscellaneous items.

7.   Only ONE camping unit is permitted on a site.  (The only exception is if you have a small tent that visiting children are using.  Please see
fees for visitors under the visitors section.) A tent for your own kids should be temporary and used only for short periods.  All tents used with
the exception of dining canopies will be taken down between visits.

8.   Swings & other playground equipment are not allowed.  The camp playground is available to all.

9.   You may plant flowers and/or trees, etc.  Please dig slowly and carefully to avoid cutting through any water or electric lines.  If you aren’t
sure where those lines are, ask Duane first.  Established trees & shrubs become the property of River Country Campground and may not be

10. 100-LB LP cylinders are not allowed.

11. Each camper may have one exterior refrigerator for additional storage capacity.  The unit may be no larger than 6.0 cubic feet (under
counter size).   The exterior refrigerator will be located neatly next to the trailer; be of one neutral color; kept neat and clean; and free of any
debris, magnets, stickers, etc… It needs to look nice.  It counts as one item of your 10 accessories.

C.     Vehicles

1.   Drive slowly.  Slowly is less than 10 mph.  There is nowhere that you need to be so quickly that it is worth the life of a child walking or
playing in the camp.  Please plan ahead, and leave early enough that you can obey the speed limit and still get where you need to be on time.

2.   Drive only on the roads – do not cross over other sites or the septic field.  If you are visiting another camper in the campground, drive on
the designated roads and park on their site.   If there is not enough room for all the vehicles, please consider walking or car-pooling. This
includes GOLF CARTS. 

3.   Car passes must be displayed on your vehicle.  They will be available no later than May 15th.

4.   Cars must be parked on your own site.  Roads need to be kept clear for normal traffic or emergency vehicles.  Unused sites are not
parking areas; please do not park on them.  In the event you have outside visitors there is additional space available in our canoe parking

D.     Wood

1.   River Country Campground has firewood for sale.  Any other firewood brought into the campground must be free of termites, ants, and
other harmful insects.  The stock piling of firewood is permitted as follows:

a.      Wood must be stacked neatly
b.      Maximum of ½ rick per site (4’X4’X16”)
c.      Wood boxes may be used, if placed up against trailer (neatly), with the capacity of not more   
     than ½ rick.

2.   Piles of firewood, or scrap wood, are not acceptable in any location.

3.   Wood left by overnight campers is the property of River Country Campground.  Taking wood or other items off the sites is stealing, please

E.      Visitors

1.   Daily Visitors- people who are visiting only for the day.
   a.  Will be charged:

           Mon to Thursday: No charge
           Fri, Sat & Sunday: $2 per person or $5 per car, whichever is less

   b. Must leave before dark

   c. If they are repeat visitor, they may purchase a pass for the entire season, which will be good for any
     day in 2013. The visitor must register in the store and pay a one-time, seasonal fee of $25.

2.  Overnight Visitors – anyone spending the night on your site

a.  Overnight visitors with their own camping unit will need to reserve their own site and pay the regularly   
            published camping rate.  The ONLY exception is a small tent for kids 15 & under, which is allowed at
            no extra charge.

b.  Overnight visitors staying in your camper (allowed only when you are there) will be charged:

Sun to Thursday: $2 per adult, children (15 & under) are free
           Fri & Sat: $4 per adult, children (15 & under) are free.  

3.  All visitors must know your name and site number.

4.  Each camper is responsible for the actions of their guests, and shall assume all liability for damages & injuries caused by their guests to
their property, other camper’s property, or campground property.  All visitors/guests must abide by all rules and rates.

5.  Children (of any age) are not allowed to occupy your site at any time in your absence.

6.   Your site is rented to you only.  You may not be a renter or lessor of a seasonal or monthly site, or a renter or lessor of a camping unit on
your site.

7.        Honesty is expected with compliance of visitor restrictions.  Please don’t ask for exceptions.  Repeated dishonesty to report your site
visitors will result in termination of this agreement.

F.    Pets

1.    Pets must be on a hand held leash and not allowed to run freely.
2.    Two pets per site.  You will be charged a fee of $10, per season, for each additional pet.
3.    Never leave your pet unattended.
4.    No kennels.
5.    Please keep pets out of the playground area.
6.    Please clean up after your pet.

G.     Water & Electric

1.   Electrical connections must be a state-approved hookup from recreational unit to power box.  No splices.

2.        Locks may be place on the electric pedestal to prevent electrical pirating.  These locks must be removed between Oct 15 and May 15
for routine pedestal maintenance.  The campground owner reserves the right to destroy locks at any time for maintenance or emergencies.

3.   All water and sewer connections must be state-approved hook-ups.

4.   Seepage pits are not allowed.

5.   Gray water hoses may not be continuously connected to your trailers.

H.      Season dates/early arrival charges

1.   The campground is open May 15th – Oct 15th.  The seasonal camper season is from May 1st – Oct 15th (weather permitting), but
seasonals are welcome to use the campground after Oct 15th, until Dec 1st as long as they realize that there are no standard services
available.  The electric will remain on, water can be retrieved from the flowing well, & the dump station or site 15/21 may be used for sewer

2.  Winter storage is from Oct 15th to Apr 30th and is included in the seasonal rate.  For non-seasonals the rate is $10 per month.  Storage
is in the open and not regularly patrolled during the winter months.  During the winter the campground is walk-in only.  River Country
Campground assumes no liability for damages or vandalism.

3.   Seasonal campers who arrive between May 1st & May 15th should:
a.   Not expect the water to be turned on.  Usually it is, but we do everything weather permitting.
b.   Not expect the honey wagon to be available – it won’t be until at least May 15th.

I.          Sewer (Honey Wagon) Schedule

1.   Seasonal rates include 10 free pump-outs per season – 2 each, for the months of May, June, July, August, & September.  Additional
pump-outs are $15 each and are NOT available after September.  Please plan ahead! 

2.   The honey wagon will be used for seasonal campers on Thursdays & Sundays (or Monday if it’s a holiday weekend).  If you want to be
pumped on either of those days, you must leave your name in the store at least a day ahead of time.  We prefer not to add you in when we
are out in the campground.  

3.   When you know that you are going to have visitors, please figure this into your schedule.  An emergency on your part does not constitute
one on our part.  While we want to help as much as possible, we can only do so much and still be effective.  If you have a hard time judging
your tank, consider buying a mobile sewer tank so that you can use the dump station when you have an emergency.   (Or go to the store and
borrow ours).

4.   To help adhere to our pumping schedule, please keep in mind that the honey wagon is not a suction type of pump.  It does not vacuum
anything out of your tank.  Gravity is still the main reason your tank is emptied.   Because of this, it is not necessary for you to be in your trailer
each time that pumping is done.  

J.       Insurance & Liability

1.   Occupants agree to relieve the owners of any responsibility of “Acts of God”.

2.   Occupant understands that the owner is not liable, nor responsible, to carry insurance coverage on occupant’s camping unit, vehicle, or
other personal property.

K.      Solicitation

1.   Please do not solicit overnight campers; this includes signs and sale displays on your site.  If you have things for sale, please let us post
or display something for you in the camp store, we will be happy to direct people to your site.  If you want to organize a group sale one
weekend (where lots of you are having a yard sale), we wouldn’t be opposed.  Just ask before you plan!    We might even advertise it for

L.       Bikes & ORV's

1.        Use campground roads ONLY.

2.        Use lights after dark.

3.        We have no trails for cycles, ORV’s, or trailbikes on the campground property, however we have maps available in the store for nearby

M.     Firearms & Fireworks

1.        Loaded firearms are not permitted in the campground.

2.        Fireworks are not allowed.

N.      Shoreline – River Sites

1.   All fill material, however small, on any river site must be in compliance with Section 10/404 of the Rivers & Harbors Act and Clean Water

2.   Sites 60-131 are on a flood plain, though flooding doesn’t occur every year.  Water has covered sites all the way to the playground during
five of the last ten seasons.  Trailers on these sites have to be moved by December to the upper area of the campground along with
everything that is on their site.
   a. For ease of campground maintenance, reservations, & camper identification, the following site storage
     assignments have been made. Storage is allowed only on your individually assigned sites. Please
     leave adjacent sites open, and park your campers away from water posts.

           Regular Site                Assigned Site                Regular Site                Assigned Site

           105                                        19                                        111                        34                        
           106                                        23                                        112                        33
           107                                        18                                        113                        45
           108                                        46                                        114                        17
           109                                        44                        
           110                                        24                        

3.        Decks, docks, yard swings and larger storage units may remain on the site if anchored sufficiently to withstand Spring flooding.  All
smaller items must be removed.  River Country Campground assumes no liability for items lost due to flooding, nor does it assume
responsibility or liability for any damage your items may cause to our downstream neighbors.

O.     Maintenance

1.        No campground maintenance should be conducted by the camper without expressed permission from the campground owner.  
Sometimes there are things in the campground that you want to fix for us, (ie. electric, plumbing, landscaping, etc...)  or help to clean up.  We
truly appreciate your willing hands!  Always ask before you work, it’s important for us to know what is needed in the campground, and
sometimes there are things we want done in a certain way.

2.        Mowing:

a.   We generally assume that seasonal campers will mow and trim their own sites.

b.   Seasonal campers will receive two site mowings per season as part of the seasonal charge.
   Additional mowing will be conducted for a fee of $10.00 each time.  

c.    If you want our employees to mow and trim your site, please schedule in the store and pay (if necessary) so that we add it to our
maintenance schedule.  Sites will only be mowed and trimmed when the entire campground is scheduled for a mowing usually between
Wednesday and Friday of each week.  Sites will not be mowed on demand.  It is your responsibility to schedule in time prior to the next
campground mowing.

d.   If you prefer to mow your own site, the campground has a push mower & trimmer available (no cost).

e.   If your site remains unmowed for a period of time that the site becomes an “eyesore” in the campground; it will be mowed at your
expense and charged to your site.

3.   Fire Rings:

a. Campground staff will clean any fire rings at your request. If you would like to dispose of your fire ring
 materials, please get instructions from Duane prior to doing so.

b. Seasonal campers may request permission to construct or replace the existing fire ring with one that is
 more aesthetic or grill-worthy. However, the original ring is still the property of RCC and must be
 accounted for. Please do not dispose of these – ask and we will have employees take it from your site.

   4.   Dumpster Use:  The dumpster is free to use at any time.  However, dumpster services are quite expensive           and space is limited.  
If you have large items such grills, carpet, etc…. please contact Duane before         putting in the dumpster.  Some scrap items are broken
down and stored elsewhere.  Also large items may         be compacted and placed in the dumpster later before another service.  There is no
additional fee; there         just may be a better way to manage. Thank you for your assistance with this. 

P.  Miscellaneous
1.  Wildlife Feeding – Feed piles for wildlife viewing may be placed by the camper at the discretion of the
 campground owner.  Apples found under existing apple trees will not be used for this purpose without  
 permission.  No more than 5 gallons of feed will be maintained at each approved site spread as to
 prevent nose-to-nose feeding by deer.  Feed piles will not be placed on any campsites.  All wildlife
 feeding is to end no later than Oct 30.

           2.  Flags – Flags placed on seasonal sites can be very patriotic and add some character to the
      campground if displayed properly.  No more than three flags need to be displayed on any one site and
      count against your accessory/decoration limit.  For example, one American flag, one state flag and one
      school or special interest flag.  Certain flags will not be allowed that may offend a diverse base of
      campers and visitors or that do not represent the family atmosphere.  Restricted flags are at the  
      discretion of the owner but will include the confederate flag and the jolly roger.

Q.      Money Matters

1.      Each year there is a non-refundable $50 deposit to hold your site, due by the Sunday of Labor Day  
    Weekend, for the next season.  It is very important to get this in on time, since we do have a waiting list
    for seasonal campers.  The deposit is credited to your balance.

2.      Payment is due each year by May 1st.

3.      If you pay your balance early – before March 1st – you may take 10% off the season rate.

4.      If you are asked to leave for violation of the rules, or you choose to vacate your site, you will be charged   
    a daily rate of $25 from the date you arrived, or May 1st (whichever is earlier) to the date of eviction or  
    when the site is vacated (whichever is later).  If you have a credit greater than that amount, it will be
    refunded within 30 days of when the trailer is removed.

5.      Visitors (for seasonals):  See section E.

6.      Honey wagon use of more than 2 per month is $15 per pump out.

7.      $10 per season for each pet in addition to the second one.

8.   All additional account charges (ie, propane, store charges, etc…) must be paid within 60 days of the original charge.  A 10% late fee will
be assessed every 30 days there after.

R.  What constitutes default of the agreement

1.        The camper will be notified of routine inspection results and is expected to remedy all violations of this agreement within 10 days.  
Noncompliance may result in removal from the campground or non-renewal of your seasonal site.  Excessive numbers of violations of this
agreement uncorrected or corrected may also result in termination of this agreement.  

2.        Notification of more serious/egregious violations to include but not limited to the following:  vandalism; destruction of private property;
obscene behavior; stealing; will be conducted by certified letter.  Serious agreement violations may result in immediate termination of this

3.        Law violations within the local area may affect your seasonal status or terminate our agreement.  Local law violations have a potential
to hinder the campground’s ability to conduct business.  

4.        Campers will have 14 days to vacate their site upon termination.

5.        Payment not made in full by May 1st.   

S.   Hawthorn Creek (Seasonal Campsites)

1.         The seasonal sites in Hawthorn Creek are advertised as “exclusive” in that they are designed                                                       
specifically for the seasonal camper.   Not to be confused with the term “exclusion”.  

2.        What you may do:
a.        Visit and make new friends.
b.        Sit out at a campfire.
c.        Walk the new trail – entrance/exit is adjacent to site one.
d.        Walk around the loop and ponds.
e.        Take your golf cart around the loop for a ride or visit.  Although, the two-track behind the house is signed to keep vehicles out, golf carts
are still allowed.
f.        Schedule a massage in the clubhouse.

3.        What you may not do:
a.        Use clubhouse except when using for scheduled massage or group event by permission.  Restrooms may be used when visiting
within reason.
b.        Use the landing off the creek for canoes, kayaks and tubes.
c.        Use the gardens and provided tools in the garden shed.

Please note:  Unlike River Country Campground (where facilities are also paid for by overnight campers), the facilities in Hawthorn Creek
are funded entirely by those seasonals, requiring the necessary use restrictions on the clubhouse, etc… We think that the campers in
Hawthorn Creek should have unrestricted occupation of their facilities (without battling campers, seasonal or otherwise, from RCC).

Any variance to the above rules is at the discretion of the owners and must be pre-approved.  Our goal is to provide a relaxing, safe,
enjoyable campground with an atmosphere that honors God, and is pleasant for His people.  Thank you for being respectful of these
guidelines.  We sincerely appreciate having you here!
River Country Campground
6281 River Rd   Evart, MI  49631               231.734.3808 
Seasonal Agreement